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BAHN· is a Barcelona based Techno collective founded in 2017, organizers of an event series that combines international artists who have never played before in the city with national and local emerging underground techno artists [Residency - Club Razzmatazz]

BAHN· Records is the next step of the Collective and started releasing in May 2020, in vinyl & digital formats, and always illustrating what is the music concept of BAHN·. Events and label always focused on hypnotic, dark, acid & deep Techno sounds.

Takaaki Itoh at BAHN· LoLiTa / Razzmatazz 15.02.19 - Barcelona

Interview with Toni Sanchez Pesino - co-founder and artistic director of the BAHN· project.

Could you introduce yourself to those who don't know you yet?

I am Toni Sanchez Pesino, a Catalan from Barcelona, I am the co-founder and artistic director of the BAHN · project.

When did your passion for electronic music begin and how did you become interested in techno music?

My passion started when I was very young, as even my closest friends were into electronics and they had brothers or friends who were also involved in the scene, and in Barcelona in the late nineties / early 2000s, it was effervescent everything was close. Techno also interested me quite young, like house, acid, trance, etc ... But Techno has always had something that has fascinated me especially.

How did the project with Bahn Barcelona start and how has it evolved during these years?

The project began in 2017 with 2 friends (Sergi and Luca) with the idea of organizing events to accommodate national and international artists who had not performed before in our city, combining it with local artists, and focused on hypnotic and mental Techno artists. in its various variants. We started at the Razzmatazz LoLiTa on December 15, 2017 with a very good initial reception and since then we have been growing and organizing events in different venues of the city such as Razzmatazz, LAUT, Moog and M7. Already in mid-2019 we started our residency at Razzmatazz, organizing events at The Loft and LoLiTa exclusively in Barcelona and we also held our first international showcase at KHIDI (Tbilisi) at the end of the year in which for me it was our best night to date. without a doubt, it was something magical. This 2020 was full of very interesting dates in Barcelona in addition to several confirmed international showcases that could not finally be held. But on the other hand, the launch of the label that we had been working on since mid-2019 accelerated due to the pandemic and for now we are 100% focused on BAHN · Records and monthly releases since the event theme is still complicated and does not seem to be going to change the situation soon, and less seeing how the Spanish government acts specifically against the sector.

For our readers who still don't know your influences or your label, Bahn Records, can you give us a little introduction to Bahn Records?

BAHN · Records was the collective's next step. After giving it a lot of thought, we were clear that we had to launch the label where we could capture the musical concept of BAHN · with our artists and with other artists from the hypnotic Techno scene. At BAHN · Records we focus on more hypnotic, mental, dark, acidic and deep Techno sounds where we want to collaborate with artists who we believe are in similar sound lines as well as showing works by the artists of the collective as well as in our events. Releases in a more 'core' line as the main route of the label, where a more intense hypnotic and mental Techno prevails and direct to the dancefloor, and the MIND series where we give room to the deeper hypnotic Techno.

Can you tell us more about the artists you are working with?

In addition to the artists of the collective such as Cyklos, Korben Nice, Stndrd and Ash, we have worked and are working with other artists from outside such as Takaaki Itoh, Petit Astronaute, Mesa, Uväll, Yanamaste, The Alchemical Theory, Solarmental, Scøpe, Einox, A Thousand Details, Keikari, Crøwn, Worg or Rasser to name a few of them. We are very happy with all the artists with whom we have collaborated for their great contribution and for the ease of working with them at all times. We look forward to continuing to collaborate much longer, as well as accommodating new emerging talents that are emerging more frequently today

What are Bahn's future projects, as a collective and as a record label?

The future today is uncertain due to the pandemic and the economic uncertainty that has come up, in addition to the restrictions on clubs/parties and the DOES NOT help the sector. As a collective, when we return to 'normality', continue organizing events as we had done until March, and as a label follow the line marked on the calendar, at the beginning of 2021 we will release our first vinyl, and basically follow the line that we are following, of which we are very satisfied with how things are going.

Besides Bahn, are you involved in any other musical projects?

Since 2013 I have been involved in another project called TechnoTrippin 'but it is more for the love of art and it was made for supporting the underground Techno scene in Barcelona when it was small and authentic. We hold annual raves with local artists and audiences on the outskirts of Barcelona for 4 years but since the last one was held in 2018 after 4 editions.

Hoping that this situation caused by the pandemic ends soon, what is it your best musical memory of 2020?

2020 did not give much to this pandemic but I would stick with any of the 3 events that we were able to carry out at the beginning of the year both at Razzmatazz in January at The Loft with Fabrizio Lapiana and Nørbak with our Latzaro, and the event in March right before the lockdown at Razzmatazz's LoLiTa with Aleja Sanchez and Binary Thoughts. As well as the very special memory of the collaboration that we carried out at the end of February at the Suicide Club in Berlin with Stndrd and Røtter together with the guys from Magnetism, which was our premiere in the Techno capital.

BAHN· Barcelona Techno collective - Artists

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Unknown Perceptions [BAHN001_VA] by VA

Emotional Proficiency [BAHN003_EP] by STNDRD

Metaphysical Communication [BAHN002_MIND] by VA

Lost Compass [BAHN004_EP] by Petit Astronaute

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